Skinny Pizza

While we’re in town, it’s hard to find a place that sells vegan food. We thought maybe italian food might be the closest bet. We wanted somewhere less crowded and off we headed to Skinny Pizza at Wheelock place, 501 Orchard Road on the third floor.


As we were in front of a guest, we didn’t take crazy paparazzi pictures when the food arrived. I got these images online.

We ordered Spinach and egg pizza $20, and macadamia pumpkin crusted salad $12 to share. The pizza crust was just like a biscuit cracker and there was a generous topping of eggs and spinach topped with cheese. Something we still cant resist at this point. It was too huge a portion we ended up doing a takeaway for the leftovers.


My favourite part of the meal has to be the salad. The pumpkin was nicely roasted and had a good earthly sweet taste topped with sundried tomatoes and argula leaves with honey mustard dressing which was quite an overkill of cream I say. Overall, food was ok and we wont be returning anytime sooner as the options for vegan is near to none because of all the cheese in every dishes.

pictures found here and here.

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