7 Sensations Vegetarian Restaurant


After an evening at Art Stage 2013 at Marina Bay Sands, we headed over to Millennia walk to try this highly rated restaurant. It was pretty packed and most tables had reservation signs but we managed to get our seats as we were still early. The ambience is clean and casual and the service staff had a pleasant smile and attitude. Chilled water comes with lemon tinted taste too.
We tried a couple of dishes and this was the stand out dish. Thai style green curry with eggplant, tomato, soy protein and potatoes. Most of the dishes ranged from $8 for a salad, $6 for a soup to $12-$16 for the mains.
Screen shot 2013-01-30 at PM 01.36.32
I had hot soba with mushroom and shitake mushroom and it tasted really bland just like any ordinary noodles you could cook yourself. So skip this if you want to try something new!
Screen shot 2013-01-30 at PM 01.36.11
Our friend who is a non vegetarian opted for vegetable lasagna and pumpkin soup which he said was pretty decent but not outstanding.His lasagna came with mille Feuille of pasta sheets layered with vegetables and mozzarella cheese.
Screen shot 2013-01-30 at PM 01.35.46
And my favourite is the avocado and mango salad which was light, fresh and crunchy!
Overall, a pretty decent meal and everyone around was ordering the popiah platter which we might try again with a bigger group. Visit their website to see their gorgeous menu and they are located at level 3 in PARCO Millennia Walk.

Pictures were taken from here, here and here.

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