Grandma’s Cooking Class #01

My grandma has been a vegetarian for more than 20 years so it was natural for me to ask her for some tips and learn some tricks. This evening I visited her and she was preparing a light and simple meal for 4 people.

The main ingredients are 1 firm bean curd, 1 flower of lettuce, handful of bean sprouts(She grows them in her garden), some mock jellyfish and a special bean curd achar spicy nutty dressing I love.
On a hot non stick pan, fry the ginger slices first and fry the bean curd till its crispy brown. Next add lettuce and slices of carrots or any mock meat you like over the pan. Always add a teaspoon of salt and soy sauce for taste and to retain the vegetable natural colour. Grandma highlighted that lettuce does not require water as they let out water naturally in the cooking process. Same technique for the bean sprouts but it requires about a small cup of water to soften them.
Next she taught me how to make this lovely sweet and tangy peanut dressing to go with bean curd. Use 1 lime and pour 2 teaspoon of readymade sour plum sauce (She bought it at the supermarket), 1 teaspoon of sugar and 1 teaspoon of homemade chilli sauce (hers is the bomb which I hope to learn as well) and finally as many grounded peanuts as you like. And there you have the best dressing ever! It goes very well with chilled sliced cucumbers too.
A simple but hearty light meal with brown rice and herbal soup to end the day!

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