Mushroom Goodness

Our mum also headed to Yes Natural shop after learning of our decision to go vegan! She bought the following items and whipped up lunch for us. Using mushroom anchovies and monkey mushroom floss, she used it as a topping over firm baked bean curd. The ingredients on the packets just states mushroom seasoning.



$4.50 per packet


$3.80 per packet


And it was the first time we used soy beans to brew our corn soup topping it up with mushroom seasoning which my grandma a vegetarian for 20 years shared is yummy secret she uses very often to add some taste to any bland soup.

Screen shot 2013-01-30 at PM 01.15.16

$12-$18 per packet depends on size.

We also found out the wonders of mushroom seasoning

Product Description

Poloku Mushroom Seasoning is a perfect replacement of MSG, salt and other artificial flavorings. This mushroom seasoning retains the original sweetness and freshness of natural ingredients, spicing up every dish. Whether you are broiling, steaming, frying, baking, cooking, deep fried, etc.


Added calcium and Vitamin B

Complimentary to MSG and Chicken Essence

MSG free would be good for those who have hypertension, MSG may cause increase heart beat and may suffer headache.

Main ingredients: Mushroom powder, salt Mushroom extract calcium powder and vitamin b

Product Features

  • Flavor enhancing strength is approximately 4 times of artificial MSG, in other words, the usage amount per application is 4 hours less than that of artificial MSG. Not only does Poloku mushroom seasoning enhance flavor profiles, but it lengthens that flavor duration as well. Thus, your production cost doesn’t necessarily increase by switching to Poloku mushroom seasoning from this aspect.
  • Mushroom possesses ingredients that lower high blood pressure and decrease that amount of cancerous cells in human body. Research study shows mushroom can lower blood cholesterol levels by nearly 45%. This result is even more drastic when high cholesterol foods were easten at the same time. It further shows evidences that the ingredients in mushroom help prevent breast and prostate cancer.
  • Vegetarians have limited choices in food consumption. Majority of the flavoring/seasoning products in the market are non-vegetarian, for instances, chicken stock, fish sauce, etc. Unlike the non-vegetarians, the choices for vegetarians to obtain the right flavoring products are limited. Poloku Mushroom Seasoning is an ideal choice in vegetarian meal preparation.

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