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The best comfort in knowing that we can sustain this new diet is our beloved snack: NUTS! And it’s such a joy to know that they have the best benefits for our health when taken in moderation.

And the top 5 best raw nuts to enjoy are:

1. Almonds– They give almost 25% of daily needs for magnesium and more bone strengthening calcium as an equal amount of cow milk. They are also high in many antioxidants such as Vitamin E and helps prevent colon cancer due to their high fiber content.

2. Walnuts– They increase our brain function and is related to heart health, better cognitive function as well as reduction of skin and bone conditions.

3. Pecans– They significantly lowers cholesterol and are great source of twenty essential vitamins and minerals one needs.

4. Brazil Nuts– They are high in heart healthy nutrients such as copper, vitamin E, fiber, magnesium and studies shows it helps prevent breast cancer too.

5. Cedar Nuts– They have great amounts of Vitamin A, B and D as well as a special Vitamin P, a vital fatty acid similar to fish oil which keeps the arterial walls free of disease-causing inflammation and plaque.

The only thing to avoid is packaged nuts roasted in oil or sugar coated. As roasted nuts loses all their nutrients in high temperatures. Though we cant really find the last two nuts that easily we can always substitute it with cashews (they have lower fat content than most nuts) or peanuts which aren’t actually nuts. They are grown underground and are considered a legume. Best of all they all help keep the skin and digestive system healthy.

2 thoughts on “Nut News

    • Hey Cherie,

      Thanks for the nod up to Teng’s vegetarian place! It’s lovely and we did a post on it. Omg, let me know when you’ve tried your own nut cheese. Is there a recipe out there? Is it vegan?

      Roland & Priscilla

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