Create Healthy Lifestyle Cafe- Fortune Center


Working near Bencoolen street, the hub of all vegetarian eateries is Fortune center and my favourite so far which I have also brought hubby Ro along is Create Healthy Lifestyle Cafe on level 2. Up the escalator and on your left, the cafe is small but cozy. I often see familiar faces eating here and the selection is great. They have daily specials too like what Ro ate today.


Mock chicken rice set with soup $6.50. He claimed it tasted so good that he gobbled the whole plate within minutes. The mock chicken is made of soy bean curd and he said the secret is in the rice and the chilli. It tasted like the real thing.


My favourite is vegetable sushi roll at $4 for 6 pieces. It’s pure green goodness as it contains crispy seaweed sheets, lettuce, carrots, alfa sprouts, beetroot, mushroom seasoning with tangy sesame dressing. We could probably do this at home too. When I want no carbs in my diet, I order 2 sets of these.


Today I wanted to try stir fry vegetable kway teow $4.50. It tasted like any old school hawker wok style kway teow. The portion was too huge and I barely ate half and was disappointed this came with too few vegetables and some strands of mushroom.

I love visiting this place and checking out their daily specials. And I’ve also done my research, they sell the cheapest vegetable sushi roll in Fortune center so far.

Address: Fortune Centre, 190 Middle Road, #02-17
: +65 6336 4355
Website: NA
Opening Hours: 10am – 8pm (closed on Sun)

4 thoughts on “Create Healthy Lifestyle Cafe- Fortune Center

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