Falafel Fun Date- Pita Pan Marina Bay Sands

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We were talking about our recent Morocco trip and how we missed the spices and cuisine and we ended up at Pita Pan, highly recommended by a dear friend of ours Jayant. Under the evening sunset, we decided to order the Mediterranean platter $26.90 to share.

They have a huge salad bar with all the vegetables and hummus you can dream of.

It came with 4 half pita pockets, a huge side of chickpea hummus which tasted so finger licking good and an assortment of salads that went really well with our food. The taste was really yummy and we were beyond stuffed. Can’t wait to return again! This place is more like a pick and go counter and they do have service charges. Drinks were pricey as expected in this touristy location.

2 thoughts on “Falafel Fun Date- Pita Pan Marina Bay Sands

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