Living Greens Cafe- Beach Road

I always head to Beach road as my work requires me to source fabrics and trimmings near Jalan textile center and Arab street very often. So glad I found Living Greens vegan only:) cafe near that area via!

And reading the reviews on hungrygowhere, everyone was raving about the vegetable lasagna so much I got hungry just reading about it. The cafe is really easy to find as it’s on the main road opposite The concourse. Stepping in, the ambience was relaxed and the staff greeted me with smiles and served me a really prompt warm water upon request.


The menu is extensive ranging from asian to western cuisines. And most prices ranged from $3.50 for a pudding, $6 for a salad or soup to $8-$10 for the mains. I immediately ordered the vegetable lasagna $8.50.

It came really quickly and the first taste was wow, it does taste like lasagna! It’s pretty crazy that it’s wheat free, dairy free and gluten free as the pasta sheets tasted like soya curd. The fillings were generous with eggplants, tomatoes, green and red peppers, carrots, mushroom with a lovely tomato flavor and accompanied by a light tangy sesame tasting salad which was nothing to shout about. I felt that the soya curd pasta sheets were too overpowering and heavy on the stomach towards the later part of completing my meal. I might consider ordering the shepherds pie or vegetable quiche the next time.

Being a black sesame fan, I was dying to try this despite being quite full. No lady can say no dessert can she! Unlike the name pudding, it’s texture was far from it. It’s more like a frozen sesame paste which was very nutty (yums) and not so sweet like those you find from chinese dessert stores. And at $3.50 it’s actually quite pricey for this small bowl.

Overall, I spent $12 for lunch and while eating, I overheard a staff asking a customer if she was feeling better. Such sweet gesture for a purpose driven cafe. I cant wait to return again. They do not charge GST or service charge.

Address 325 Beach Road, Singapore 199559
(opposite The Concourse)
Contact (+65) 6396 5523
Opening Hours 11:00 am to 20:30 pm (Mon – Sat)
(Closed on Sundays)

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