Our best secret- Vegetarian Villas at Blk 479 Jurong West


Living in the west all our lives, there aren’t many good eateries before we turned vegan. But the only standout place we often frequent time and time again is Vegetarian Villas. This tiny cafe is not as accessible as most stalls but when you’re there you just can’t wait to eat their healthy  food made with love.


The highlight of this location is ample parking spaces available anytime of the day. All over the restaurant they post mouth watering images of their dishes and they have a cute specials of the day corner.

image_1 image_2

They have a huge open freezer for you to select what you want in your soup. From 10 different vegetables, to 6 different mushrooms, assorted mock meats to 5 different noodles and rice to choose from, you’ll be spoilt for choice. I did not even spot any eggs at all. Choose any 5 items and it will only cost $3 with any additional piece at 30 cents each.


The highlight of this place is their yong tau foo. Their soup base is one that we always wish they can top up as it’s light, with an earthly sweetness and you wont feel thirsty after drinking the entire bowl to the last drop. If you order any fried items, they also serve them in a separate bowl with their own homemade chilli and sweet sauce as sides condiments.

image_4 image_3

On top of that, we also ordered dou miao with mushroom anchovies, curry mutton and our family all time favourite bean curd salad! (The same recipe my grandma taught me a few days ago). In total we spent $33.30 for 6 people ordering 3 bowls of yong tau foo, curry mutton, bak kuh teh, bean curd peanut salad and pea sprouts (dou miao).

Location: Blk 479, Jurong West Street 41, #01-264
Contact: 68973977
Opening Hours: Until 9pm, Closed on Wednesday

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