Favourite Bangkok Snacks: Crepes and Coconut ice cream!


Finally home after 4 days 3 nights in bustling Bangkok, I think Bangkok lacks many vegetarian cafes and restaurants in the city or maybe I didnt venture far enough. But most big cafes or chain restaurant do carry a small selection of vegetarian menu which is strange for a buddhist country. But my favourite has to be crepes. I wish there were kiosk like these back home in Singapore instead of waffles which can be too heavy as a snack.



The most delightful and fun snack to munch on in Bangkok has to be the crepes! The best I ate was at the basement floor of Platinum Fashion Mall and they sell banana and chocolate crepe for 25 baht! (SGD$1.04) So cheap yet so crispy and light and it was made fresh on the spot. With so many flavours to choose from, you could add raisins, cashew nuts or even nutella to replace chocolate as well. They also serve savory crepes with ham, crabmeat, eggs, pork floss etc and I saw many locals ordering many ingredients on one single crepe for a full meal.


We also went to a famous brunch place called Crepes and Co at Thong Lor, it serves all day brunch and they are famous for their mediterranean dishes as well. Wished I could try all the food there but I ended up eating a savory vegetarian crepe with tomato sauce, mushrooms, chives, spinach, sauteed onions and olive oil together with traditional Moroccan mint tea. It was affordable at 195 baht with 10% service charge spilt among my friends making my total bill 280 baht(SGD$11) with my tea costing 70 baht. It was quite a steal comparing the service and ambience we enjoyed in this quiet cafe. Taste wise, I thought the crepe skin was a tad too soggy for my liking with the hot savory ingredients in it.

Opens 9am-11pm daily and 8am on Sunday

Thonglor building, ground floor,
88 Thonglor Soi 8

Tel. (662) 726 9398 or 726 9399


Every time we head to Chatuchak market, I have to eat this super delicious and refreshing coconut ice cream. It’s the best coconut in the world! It comes with coconut pulp and 2 free toppings at 30 baht (SGD$1.25).  I wished to bring this back home and am craving it right now. There are  many copycat stalls propping up but just go to the one nearest to the Kamphaeng Phet subway station with the cutest mini coconut hanging around their tents. They serve free coconut drink too with any purchase and you can ask for a second cup if you like.

4 thoughts on “Favourite Bangkok Snacks: Crepes and Coconut ice cream!

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  2. The coconut ice cream is in fact here in Singapore. We partcipate in the OCBC Cycle event last weekend. Check us out on facebook under cotnutink@outlook.com

    We are working on a permanent kiosk in Clarke Quay. Check us out soon and inofrm your friends who love the one in Bangkok@JJ. We are the original from them.


    • Hi Lawrence,

      Thank you for dropping by our blog and for sharing the good news! We have so many friends who loves the coconut ice cream from Chatuchak, Bangkok. Please do keep us posted once your outlet in Singapore is open!

      Roland & Priscilla

  3. Next time come to visit my crepe shop called Yummy Crepe @ Palladium (Pratunam) or @ Asiatique The Riverfront (Charoeng Krung). I will check if I can open a brunch in Singapore too 🙂 hope so, one day!

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