Vegan Cafe Hunt: Ethos Cafe at Khao San Road

My girlfriends were really kind to accompany me to a vegan/vegetarian cafe highly rated on tripadvisor and! We took a cab from our hotel near Platinum Mall and arrive in the older district of Bangkok Khao San Road where it’s dotted with back packers hostels. Finding the cafe was a breeze as there was a map on their website with a nearby Burger King to highlight their location. Upon reaching the cafe, the cozy and welcoming ambience made me felt at home.

You can choose the floor seats or normal seating on the side and we chose the latter. The menu was extensive and clearly labelled vegan or vegetarian with a colour code difference. We went on to order the following dishes as we wanted an authentic thai cuisine experience.

I ordered a tom yam soup with noodles. It cost me around 80 baht and it’s overloaded with so many vegetables. I found the soup sour but slightly spicy as I’m guessing it’s catered to the caucasian market who frequent this place very often. Most dishes ranged from 60-100 baht which is really affordable for such big portions and choked with so much vegetables which I love!

My girlfriends ordered phad thai which she found very healthy with many vegetables as well. But she didn’t enjoy it much as she doesn’t like bean sprouts. This cafe does not charge service charge or taxes and comes with free wifi too. Every table had a little pot of fresh flowers too.

The highlight of the menu has to be this tempeh salad with every green on the planet accompanied with nutty hummus and tangy honey mustard dressing.It’s gigantic and you can share this with more than 5 people. I had to take away this as we could not finish the food for my dinner. The last item I ordered was stir fried basil bean curd (I didn’t take a picture as I was so hungry I chewed it down so fast and realized I’ve forgotten to take a picture). It’s so delicious, just like home cooked stir fried vegetables my grandma cooks just a spicier version with basil. (I want to definitely learn to cook this at home). Most of the vegetables used in this cafe are lettuce, green peas, green beans, broccoli, cauliflower, bean sprouts, capsicum, straw mushroom, cucumbers, tomatoes and alfa sprouts. If I ever visit bangkok again, I’ll definitely return and try more from this cool cafe.

85/2 Tanao Road (behind Burger King) | Banglumpu, Bangkok, Thailand

Open every Monday-Sunday 8am-11pm


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