Authentic Thai Food- Ban Khun Mae Restaurant Bangkok

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Being in Bangkok means we have to try an authentic thai restaurant that serves good old signature thai dishes and we found Ban Khun Mae Restaurant via many google searches. The dim lights ambience and traditional string music playing set us in a good mood when we stepped in. Like all good restaurants in Bangkok, they serve a vegetarian menu too and it’s an extensive list of som tam papaya salads, stir fry items like mimosa (kang kong), fried items like spring rolls, soup dishes like tom yam soup and curry and carbs dishes like fried rice and fried noodles too. I went there twice in the entire trip and had the following items.

Stir fried red curry with bean curd which was the yummiest dish out of all I have ordered. The gravy was just right with a tangy spicy flavour and I ordered spring roll for fun but found it pretty bland and too oily. Most dishes range from 90-150 baht with service charge.

The next time I came, I ordered stir fried mimosa (kang kong) which was so dry and it wasn’t very spicy so there was no kick after having a hard time chomping it down.

I conclude that the curries at this restaurant still tops my list of great food to eat and again it’s choked with tonnes of vegetables with thailand mini eggplants. The curry was really yummy and rich with a strong coconut taste. It went really well with my rice and helped me digest the hard mimosa. Will definitely recommend this restaurant to any vegetarians or vegans in central bangkok. They have a awesome mango tango dessert shop right across the street too. Did I mention that this place is usually packed with tourists so you wont be seeing many locals.

458/6-9 Siam Square Soi 8, Rama 1 Road | Patumwan District, Bangkok 10330, Thailand (Pathumwan)
Open daily from 11am to 11pm

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