Chinese New Year Reunion Meals- Home Cooking

Our grandma was recently hospitalized and we’re so thrilled she can return on the eve of Chinese New Year so my mum cooked up a storm when we reached home after her discharge. Every year, it’s a custom to cook more and more food for the New Year as it’s believed that we won’t go hungry the rest of the year. Mum cooked mock steam fish made of bean curd with salted fish and tomatoes with ginger and it’s so smooth and light. Next we had marinated mushrooms with sea cucumber and green peas.

We had an overdose of mock meat ranging from special yong tau fo bean curd skin, mock hot dog (which Ro loves) and fried mock fish sticks which just tasted crunchy but slightly burnt.

My mum signature dish has to be mock honey pork slices which taste like the real thing but not. The way she marinates it tasted so good and it’s the first dish to be gone in seconds. I love my family’s way of cooking vegetables as it’s always light and natural with no heavy thick sauce with corn starch or oyster mushroom seasoning.

And back in my new home, my mother in law also prepared a great spread of bean curd, broccoli, monkey mushroom heads, green peas stir fried to yummy goodness and her signature leek and braised mushroom dish was so super yummy and just right for 3 of us. Such a great start to the new year and we can’t wait to eat my grandmother’s vegetarian popiah party tomorrow when we do house visiting!

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