Dolling our vegetarian dishes with love

Cooking each dishes with my mum was such an eye opener! Using so many fresh ingredients and combining with mock meats, the dishes were mouth watering awesome! Most of the dishes all started with frying the ginger till brown and removing it before adding in the vegetables or mock meat and adding salt, soya sauce or mushroom sauces to spice things up. Grandmother is a vegetarian that does not take garlic or onions.

Our top 2 favourites was the mock meat hot dog with cucumber and tomato skewers. We also had tangy mango salad with pomegranate bits.

Next we made green beans, bean sprouts, capsicums, carrots and mock prawn mix vegetables. And bean curd skin, mock sea cucumber, enoki mushroom and broccoli stalks using corn flour for a richer and thicker sauce.

We boiled broccoli and arranged them into a mini forest. Next we pan fried mushroom and carrots with mushroom oyster sauce with corn flour and added a red chilli flower as decoration.

We also fried 2 tofu blocks and decorated it with cucumber and carrot slices. Next we added mango slices and grounded peanuts and pomegranate on top of the tofu and made grandmother’s signature sweet sour plum juice with lemon, lime and sugar.

Finally we also cooked cauliflower with capsicum with bamboo stems and olive fried rice with mock crab meat and mixed green pea with basil leaves.What a spread that I’ll ever forget.

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