Divine Realm Vegetarian Restaurant- Hougang Ave 8

We decided to head to a hydroponics farm to learn some new tricks to planting and the heavy downpour was such a damper. Instead we bought home a starter kit to make our own Kang Kong- water mimosa (more on our experiment in our next post). Being around Yishun, we googled for any nice vegetarian food and found a highly reviewed one near Hougang Ave 8 called Divine Realm Vegetarian Restaurant.

We ordered what everyone seems to be raving about: their signature ban mian (homemade noodles). He had dumpling clear noodles at $4 and I had Dan dan Mian $4 which came in a huge portion. His dumpling tasted really tasty like they made it from scratch with love and the soup base was thirst quenching goodness. While mine had some really good tofu and mock minced meat texture and actually tasted better than the real meat version. The noodles were the star and they had the Q Q effect. Very tangy and springy.

We also ordered another favourite dish sweet and sour pork with stir fried kai lan which had a good spread of different mushrooms. Priced at $6 for a plate of vegetables and $7 for our pork dish, it’s not the cheapest but considering the “wok” touch to it, we say it’s a good price.


He can’t stop eating and praising this sweet and sour pork dish. It tasted WAY better than the real thing without the meaty breath you have after eating the real stuff. This mock pork has a crunchy texture on the outside and it’s chewy as you munch on. I personally think it’s ok, too much of anything mock is never a good thing. But it’s definitely a fun snack to munch on. We enjoyed the food so much, we also did a Sambal Petai fried rice $6 for medium size as take away dinner. The taste was flavourful but we thought it lacked more petai and also more ingredients like any other fried rice so this dish was quite a disappointment for us.

It’s opened daily from 7.30am to 10pm
501 Hougang Ave 8

Tel: 63872058Fax: 6284 1101

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