DIY Popiah Party Dinner with our best kept secret walnut cake

My girlfriends and their partners came by our house this evening and we decided to order OldLonghouse popiah online where they offer free delivery for any order. Being the last day of Chinese New Year promotion, it was $108 (slightly more than their usual $78 price).  It comes with 40 popiah skins and 40 Kueh Pie Tee cups. I ordered the standard version with machine made popiah skins, kueh pie tee cups, sweet suace, chilli, garlic, beansprouts, chinese parsley, lettuce, turnips, crispy fish bits, egg white and yolk, crabmeat bites. They do offer a vegetarian version but as most of our guests were not vegetarian we opted to just select the items we want for our own mix.
I didn’t take any pictures as everyone was so hungry digging into the food. The highlight was definitely the green looking garlic, turnips and their chilli. I heard from my friends the fish bites were good and so was the Kueh Pie Tee. For about 13 of us, the food was more than enough and we had so much left overs. I say this set is more suitable for 20-25 people to completely finish the popiah skin and turnips.

The service was really prompt as they replied my emails on time and even sent a confirmation email to confirm my order right away. Best part of all, they came on time before the time frame from 5-6pm and greeted us with a great smile. The food when we got it was still very warm and packed neatly in different compartments. Overall a great delight and we will definitely order from them again!

After about 3-4 popiahs and 2 kueh pie tee per person, we were stuffed and ready for dessert! We brought out our best kept secret! Mrs Lim super delicious and nutty walnut cake. I love this cake because it’s packed with walnuts bits, the middle portion has a special honey layer and it’s a cake that is light and not oily at all. And for a huge box of about 28 slices, it cost $28. Yums…

The funniest part of the night ended with us creating our own fortune cookies slips and inserting them into a coconut roll I bought back from Bangkok recently. It was the perfect way to end the night and counting down to another year of Chinese New Year!


6 thoughts on “DIY Popiah Party Dinner with our best kept secret walnut cake

  1. Hi Ken

    Most times, my mum is in contact with Mrs Lim so we will check and get back to you. But I suspect it definitely contains egg and dairy.

    • Hey Ken, great to hear from you again. Yipe we’re sticking to being full time vegan:)
      And the cake was definitely not vegan. We will be sticking to baking our own soon!

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