Nature Vegetarian Health Food Restaurant- Bukit Merah

We were heading west and I suddenly thought of this vegetarian place I have spotted while travelling along Bukit Merah road. The car park near the Nature Vegetarian restaurant was pretty small, so we ended up parking at the season parking slots as we reckon we will take a short while plus it’s daytime! Phew, we did not get a parking fine.

This restaurant occupies two shops and it’s really big. Around 1.30pm, there were not many people in sight so our food order came really quickly. On the board, they have daily specials and I ordered a Lor Mee $3 while he had conventional mixed rice $3.60 for 3 items as he added more curry mutton.

The mixed rice set he ordered had curry mutton, sausages (which we bought frozen pack home too!) and steamed cucumbers. The curry mutton was divine. I loved it and stole many bites from him. While my lor mee had a strong vinegar taste and the texture of the soup was soupy instead of it being more starchy. The fried wantons in the bowl tasted almost like the real thing but overall this dish was not my favourite and I felt unsatisfied with my meal. Looking around, I saw many ordering the wantan mee, perhapsI will try that the next time. We also ordered the soup brew of the day: watercress soup $4 which is so sweet, tasty and brought the meal to a perfect end for me.

image_8image_9 image_10
They also sell snacks, sauces and frozen vegetarian items too. We bought the dumpling to try ($3.50) and the sausages he ate ($8) and I bought a sesame meat floss ($3.90) as I want to try making my own vegetable sushi soon. They have an extensive menu and it can be seen online. Will definitely be back to try more of their ala carte dishes at night.

Blk 11 #03-4462
Jalan Bukit Merah,
Singapore 150011

Shop operating hours:
7.30 am to 9.30 pm
(Mon to Sat)

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