Home cooking- Vegetable Sushi Roll

Being a fan of the yummy vegetable sushi at Create Healthy Lifestyle Cafe at Fortune Center I have been itching to try making this dish myself. From my observation over the counter, I took note of how the lady chef does it and bought the same ingredients! Japanese seaweed sheets, lettuce, sliced carrots, sliced beetroot, alfa sprouts, sesame dressing from mizkan (half calories bottle which did not taste as good as the regular green one and I just realized it’s not vegetarian as it contains eggs and fish substance in them) and sesame meat floss.

To begin, toast your seaweed sheets till its crispy. Next lay about 4-6 stalks of lettuce, add on sliced carrots on top of it. Next pour sesame dressing over the greens.

Layer with sesame meat floss as it sticks to the sesame dressing. Layer on sliced beetroot, alfa sprouts and squeeze the roll tightly. Apply a thin layer of dressing at the end to hold the sushi together. Voila your very own vegetable sushi roll is done! Cut it by half, quarter and serve right away. I thought my vegetable sushi looked great but taste wise, I will definitely make my own dressing as overall the meat floss with sesame dressing was too salty for my liking. I would like to make my own tangy sesame yogurt dressing to complement the fresh greens.

We served sushi roll with steamed dumplings and sausages we bought from Nature Vegetarian Restaurant . Today after work, we headed there again and finally tried the very popular wantan mee $3 which tasted really yummy and I loved that the noodles had a QQ bouncy effect. I also added a side dish of green beans to get my daily greens! Overall I am good with mock meat but I find mock char siew (barbecued pork) really weird in taste and texture so I might not order this dish again.


5 thoughts on “Home cooking- Vegetable Sushi Roll

  1. Hi Sasha! Thanks for dropping by our blog:) You must definitely try it! It’s super easy and fun. I checked out your blog and saw the no-mayo coleslaw recipe you did. Can’t wait to try that out.

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