Sail Me Away- To our first vegetarian cruise off shore!

Minolta DSC
22nd of February 2013 marks one month since we turned vegetarian! Looking back, we realized there were many surprised reactions or disbeliefs on why and how we turned vegan. I say we’re currently in the transition stage from turning vegetarian to vegan as we’re still struggling to totally omit cheese and eggs in our meals. Sometimes, it could be a random dinner date with friends, or with no choices at all. As for dairy product like milk, Hubby Ro has completely switched to oat, rice and almond milk which he claims taste even better than cow’s milk.

The past month, we have had such fun and the biggest challenge was to welcome the Lunar New Year for the very first time with a vegetarian diet. From our past reunion dinners with seafood and meat, we had a complete switch to hearty monkey head mushroom dishes with leeks to having great vegetarian popiah at our grandma place and learning how to cook our own vegetarian dishes as well.

Most importantly, for the entire month we have had no cravings for meat and have successfully eaten purely vegetarian dishes! Hooray and to more months and years to come. Many asked how we do it. I say it’s a conscious effort and being vegetarian together as a couple feels like teamwork as we motivate each other, discover new places (like random mini dates) to sharing new articles and insights to leading an animal free environment!

The funniest part of it all were the responses our relatives gave us. My dad said it’s good for us to turn vegetarian but we still need some balance in our diet so you should still eat fishes (I am guessing he is losing one sashimi kaki). To my mum’s mum (my other grandmother) nudging us to eat the steamboat as she proclaimed there are no meat but squids, prawns and sea cucumbers only! Poor fishes:( I wonder why my folks consider them as vegetables??!!

What better way to kick start another new month with a family cruise on Royal Caribbean Cruises! (The timing is purely coincidental,ha!) Off we sail to Penang and Kuala Lumpur for the next 3 days and we can’t wait to return to share more new discoveries abroad and on the cruise as well.

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