Snacks and Such


Today was a pretty fun day as I finally received the handphone cover sticker I designed with Gizmobies as part of PARCO Hello Shibuya Tokyo Showcase in Plaza Singapura for local designers. It was a feast for all things cute and adorable. From young japanese artist installations to quirky nail art stickers to hello kitty instant noodles.



Being a part of the pre opening media preview, all the finger food served were non vegetarian until the dessert plate was served! I had 4 servings of 2 dark chocolates, 1 hazelnut rice wine chocolate and another rose tinted milk chocolate with servings of bubblies! While preparing my designs at Plaza Singapura, I headed to Saybons again during lunchtime and ordered the pumpkin soup with asparagus mushroom cheese crepe set with ice lemon tea for $10.40.

The crepes were really thin and crispy as usual but I found the mushrooms used really dark and the asparagus stalks were really thin:( I hardly tasted the greens but I guess with cheese anything can taste heavenly. But the positive note to the meal was the great amount of ingredients they used as I could still get bits of the mushrooms even till the end of my meal. Pumpkin soup was smooth and I loved it. I daresay it’s so much better than Soup Spoon and Cedele versions which I always thought tasted more watered down.


After my event and still quite full from my desserts, I met up with Hubby Ro and ate fried bean curd with chilli powder ($6.90) and stir fried baby kai lan ($9.90) at Crystal Jade Restaurant at Plaza Singapura. The outlet is particularly known for their steamboat, so I was pleasantly surprised the two dishes we ordered came swiftly and tasted really yummy. The bean curd was a star as it’s super crunchy on the skin texture and really soft in the middle. Although one won’t be returning there as there were hardly any vegetarian dishes to choose from.


Still feeling hungry, we headed to Holland Village and tried the original standard cut french fries from Everything with Fries. This fries franchise can be found at many locations and they are under the Awfully chocolate umbrella. The fries arrived quickly and the bbq powder that came with it was semi sweet and salty. We loved that the fries tasted fresh and it stayed crispy till the last bite! Will definitely return to try other flavours like salt and vinegar or curry in the future. At just $4.90, this serving is definitely meant to be shared and it’s about 2 and a half size of a normal Mcdonalds fries.

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