Buffet phobia- Day 3 on Royal Caribbean Cruise

On our last day on the cruise, we woke up late and by the time we reached Windjammer Café for breakfast, they were clearing the main dishes so we had some pastries/breads and yogurt to kick start our day. Initially we wanted to head to KL central but the cab fares were exorbitant so we ended up doing some fun activities instead.
IMG_8205 IMG_8207

We did some golf, some table tennis and skip around the cruise.

Before lunch, Hubby Ro sneaked in another chocolate ice cream! It’s free flow and available only in the day on Deck 9 outside Windjammer Café.

For lunch, we had tomato soup, pesto tomatoes, corn salad, asparagus, pasta with balsamic vinegar, potato fried fritters (yums!) and vegetarian pizza. It was a light and delightful meal:)

In the evening, we decided to do a casual dinner at Windjammer Café again after a magic and dance show in the theatre on Deck 4. So thrilled they have pumpkin soup and I had stir fried vegetarian bee hoon with chick peas, cauliflower curry and tofu dhal.

While Hubby Ro had his last indian cuisine of basmati rice and more curries. We ended the evening with 4 giant peaches which was crunchy with the right amount of sweetness.

Next morning, we arrived in Singapore around 7am and before leaving the cruise we had a hearty breakfast.  I had to have my favourite sauteed mushrooms, scrambled eggs, baked beans and hash browns. All in all, we had a lovely bonding time on Royal Caribbean. But will we return? Maybe after a few more years or to another destination. The service crew were fabulous and if you like all day buffet style, this is the cruise for you. As I am writing this now, we are still so stuffed from all the meals we had.

4 thoughts on “Buffet phobia- Day 3 on Royal Caribbean Cruise

    • Hi Kyn,

      Thank you for dropping by our blog and leaving a comment!
      Are you thinking of heading to Royal Caribbean cruise too? Sad to say but most items are non-vegan friendly.
      The only ones that were consistently vegan friendly was the indian counter, salad bar and a small amount of western food offerings.
      Hope it helps!

      Roland & Priscilla

      • Hi Kyn,

        No worries at all! Have a great week:)
        You could write in to the cruise to request for a special menu which we did.
        But sadly none of them replied and was not able to accommodate us when we were onboard.

        Roland & Priscilla

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