Little Animals and Mushrooms- Day 2 on Royal Caribbean Cruise


Woke up bright and early as my mum and I wanted to learn how to fold adorable animals towels! They had a live demonstration at 9.15am at Anchors Aweigh Lounge on Deck 5. We were taught 4 different animals using 3 towel sizes, a tea towel, a face towel and a bath towel. We did an elephant, a dog, a monkey and a turtle. Our favourite has to be the elephant as our room attendant surprised us every evening with a brand new animal. The last night we had the biggest rabbit we’ve ever seen! Ahaha..

We were also given illustrated notes to bring home and everyone at the lounge had a good laugh and lots of fun!

Next we head up for breakfast again at Windjammer Café. We had a good selection of cereals with peach, cranberry, blueberry or natural yogurt. I chose french toast with sugar free syrup, sauteed mushrooms (SO SO Good!) and red grapes with bananas. While Hubby Ro got himself some sesame semolina with dhal from the Indian counter (a special indian dish we’ve never tasted which was really healthy), hash browns and scrambled eggs. Overall the breakfast food stayed the same with your classic American breakfast dishes like eggs, pancakes, waffles, potatoes and there were congee too which we did not try.
We had 2 hours to kill before reaching Penang and we walked around the cruise again finding new spots to chill. We spotted Park Cafe also located at Deck 9 at the opposite lobby of Windjammer Café. It’s a cafe set up in colonial greek style with an indoor swimming pool. I spotted cream of mushroom soup and boy was it yummy! This cafe was also serving complimentary food and they open only when Windjammer Café and Romeo & Juliet restaurants are closed. From afternoon 3pm-6pm and from 9pm to 1am.

IMG_7954 IMG_7955
After our day trip in Penang, we got back to our cruise around 6pm and our cruise newsletter said it’s formal night so we got dressed and headed for our dinner date around 8.15pm at Romeo & Juliet restaurant again.

IMG_8125 IMG_8124 IMG_8128
Dinner was quite chaotic as the restaurant was packed and all the staff were in a frenzy. I ordered lettuce with egg salad, potato pancakes with the BEST mushroom goat cheese sauce ever! It’s the best thing we’ve ever tasted without the pungent goat smell and we felt really guilty for consuming so much eggs and cheese this trip:( On the other hand, Hubby Ro opted for indian cuisine and was served a platter of tasty curries to go with his basmati rice with indian chips on the side.

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