Malaysia Food Galore- Ee Beng Vegetarian Restaurant Penang


Before going to Penang, I googled for good vegetarian places to visit and found Ee Beng Vegetarian Restaurant via Hungry Ang Mo! As his post states, there are two entrances to the restaurant. The one on the left is not air conditioned and serves economical rice dishes while the wooden glass door was where we went. We heard the open air restaurant was opened by the dad and his son started his own and offers a more comfortable place with a menu that was super extensive!
IMG_7969 IMG_7970
They have daily specials, local Penang dishes like Assam Laksa, Fried Kway Teow, Bak Kut Teh soup, Japanese bento set cuisine, Western cuisine and so much more. They also offer a good variety of drinks from fruit teas to blended fruit juices and smoothies. Most prices ranged from 3 -8 ringgit. Really affordable and cheap for such good quality dishes.
We had Fried Kway Teow $4.90 and boy was it super good. It’s fried to perfection and had a slight spicy taste and it tasted way healthier than it’s original pork lard version I am sure. We ordered spicy fried noodles $5.90 too which was choked with greens and was equally yummy but not as good as the Fried Kway Teow. Maybe it’s us having the Penang fever!
We also tried the Daily special Bah Kut Teh soup $5.90 which was brewed well and had all the right flavours. The mock meat in there was chewy and so very tasty. Our biggest disappointment was Assam Laksa $3.50 which was not spicy and not tangy enough. We thought it tasted really bland actually.
IMG_7979 IMG_7980
We got some soy sauce lettuces $6.00 and pan fried vegetarian fish slices $8.00 which was SO GOOD! The fish slices were crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Topped with the sweet and sour lime sauce it’s a dish we want to make on our own.
IMG_7983 IMG_7985
Lastly we had 10 piece satay $9.00 which for me is the best of the best. You can taste the charred bbq grilled taste and even the meat when chewed had the smokey satay taste. Not forgetting the rich and crunchy peanut sauce that went so well together.
We ordered honey lemon drink $3.50, pu-er tea$6.90, red blend blended juice $5.90 and hot organic soya bean drink$2.90. The winner had to be the soya drink. It’s one of the best soya drinks we have ever tasted.  You must order it no matter what. And we heard this restaurant is closed on Sunday. From our port to this restaurant, we paid our cab fare from $12-$20 ringgit.

EE Beng Vegetarian Food Restaurant
Location: 20 Lebuh Dickens, Georgetown, Penang
Contact: (04)2629161
Opening Hours: 6.30am-9.30pm. Closed on Sunday and Thursday

6 thoughts on “Malaysia Food Galore- Ee Beng Vegetarian Restaurant Penang

  1. Pleased to read that you visited this place. Would rank as one of my top 3 favourite veggie places in the WORLD! Reminds me that I really need to head back to Penang sooner rather than later!

    Thanks for the review

    • Hi Luke, it was really as good as you reviewed:) We’re so pleased to visit and wow..ranked top 3 for you, they will be so pleased to hear that! Thank you for dropping by our blog.

      Roland & Priscilla

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  4. the food was great, yes
    but I found the service pretty bad
    got ignored sitting there untill I decided to go and order at the counter
    also I ordered a juice, expecting a freshly made juice as it said on the menu
    and got a watery drink full, really full of sugar
    when I complained, they said something as “it’s a sirup, we can’t control it” and just walked away, not offering something else or whatever
    to finish up the bad impression about the service, when I go to the toilet, a waiter comes out and walks straight into the kitchen without washing his hands…
    I heard nothing but good things about this place, but left very disapointed (not because of the food…)

    • Hi Kiki,

      Wow! It must have been really quite an experience dining there with such bad service.
      Now we see the food in a “different” light!
      Maybe you could write the restaurant an email to update them on what you saw too.
      It is such a pity that the service does not match the yummy food they provide.
      And Thank you for dropping us this feedback too!

      Ro & Pris

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