Sea blues- Day 1 on Royal Caribbean Cruise


Last Friday Hubby Ro and I together with my parents went on a 4 days 3 nights cruise to Penang and Kuala Lumpur with Royal Caribbean Cruise. Having heard so many awesome reviews of the food, we were pretty excited but was wondering if there were any vegan options available? The answer sadly is NO:( For most of the meals onboard, we had an endless spread of vegetarian buffet offerings and the best dishes came from the Indian cuisine menu!

We came onboard around 2pm and went to Windjammer Café  at Deck 9 for our buffet lunch(They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner in allocated time slots). Upon reaching, we saw TONNES of people! We heard there were 1700 passengers on our cruise and it was so hard finding a decent seat. The buffet spread was huge with different sections. I zoomed into the salad bar immeditately!

For my salad mix, I had lettuce, alfa sprouts, bean sprouts, sun-dried tomatoes, cucumbers and sunflower seeds with honey mustard dressing. While Hubby Ro reached for an Indian mix  of basmati rice with chickpea and mixed vegetable curry, so did I (Super yummy). We also shared a potato leek soup which was full bodied and smooth! Almost all the soups served were delightful:) Not forgetting they serve free chocolate or strawberry ice cream cones which I believe contains milk.

We walked around the cruise to orient ourselves and had a beautiful evening in front of strong sea waves and a stunning sun set. Next we headed for tea again at Windjammer Café. We had a spinach and onion tart with vegetable quesadilla (it came with cheese and toasted red and green peppers) with paprika toasted cauliflower which was so yummy before ending off with red grapes!

For our dinner, we had a pre booking reservation for 8.15pm at Romeo & Juliet restaurant Deck 4 & 5. It’s a fancy place where the staff were dressed to their nines and were super attentive. I rate the service higher than the food.  There were so few vegetarian options and again like the buffet, you could order more than 1 starter or repeat the order if you love any of the dishes. For dinner, I had spinach salad, spaghetti with tomato with basil sauce and dark chocolate cake. The best dish was the sesame sun-dried tomato bun while my salad was really tasteless with the mediocre olive oil and the pasta was too soggy for my liking. Chocolate cake looks good but really didn’t taste as good as it looks.

Hubby Ro ordered 2 starters as he was stuffed from eating too much during tea time. He had Indonesian Gado Gado, mixed green salad with peanut sauce which he thought was really good and a tangy light tomato soup.



On the menu, all vegetarian dishes were indicated with a (V) symbol. It was hard to request for any separates or special orders as most of the dishes were prepared earlier and was mass produced:( Was disappointed knowing that the food served at Romeo & Juliet restaurant was just the same as Windjammer Café, just nicely presented in a restaurant environment! The day ended with stuffed stomachs as we headed for Penang for Day 2.

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