New Green Pasture Cafe- Fortune Center Bugis

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When I first googled good vegetarian food places in Fortune center, the top recommendation was New Green Pasture Cafe. With glowing reviews, I decided to try it but somehow I think having too high an expectation on a place always leave one feeling disappointed. I went there twice alone for my lunch break. Once a couple of months back before I turned vegan and again this afternoon.

The last time I came, I tried Charcoal soba noodles salad $9. I remember it being packed with all the wonderful greens but I found the sesame sauce too strange for my liking. I thought they added too much sauce into a small portion of noodles. But the vegetables were the stars and I found them fresh and crunchy but again the sauce overwhelmed the entire dish. The black charcoal noodles did not taste anything spectacular and it had the same texture as any soba noodles. After eating this dish back then, I was disappointed as I found the price too pricey for something so simple as compared to Create Healthy Lifestyle Cafe which also served similar soba salad at just $6 at a much better deal with a slightly bigger portion.

Today I ordered Niang Tofu with noodles $9.80 without noodles and $11.90 with noodles. Again I found the price really steep and thought maybe they might be giving more ingredients or noodles. Sadly I was disappointed again as my noodles portion was so little. Even a light eater like myself found the portion too stingy and for an extra $2, it’s really crazy small.

The only tasty part out of my entire bowl had to be the crackers which was not air tight crunchy but had the most authentic prawn cracker taste ever! And out of the tau pok, bean curd, bittergourd, tomato and yellow capsicum stuffed niang tofu (with mock minced meat), I found the yellow capsicum the best. The rest were just tasteless and tasted too raw for my liking. I waited 20 minutes for my dish and this place serves complimentary water with a self service counter to pick up your own utensils. Sadly, I doubt I will ever return again:(

190 Middle Road

#04-22 Fortune Centre

Tel: 63368755Fax: 63368755
Closed on Mondays. Open from 11am-8pm.

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