Salmon Maki Roll- Bespoke Teng Vegetarian Restaurant Sunshine Plaza


I got a watsapp text from a dear friend yesterday and she told me about a new vegetarian place her aunt has set up at Sunshine plaza called Teng (I wonder why this name). You won’t miss this space as they have a huge chinese signboard right at the front door. It’s done up really nicely with good old love songs and is beside a famous pie and muffin store near the washroom.
The prices are reasonable and comparable to any typical japanese restaurants where they serve a japanese western fusion menu. But from what we observed they have more japanese dishes and we love the beautiful photography on their giant menu.
We decided to start off with Salmon Maki Roll $12 (8 pcs) and it was really yummy. The texture of the rice was slightly mushy but it made up with the avocado, raw salmon and cucumbers and I believe mushroom seasoning all over the rice. We really enjoyed this and I even googled what vegan salmon are made of via this link. We found another online supermarket that sells vegan seafood like squids, prawns and corn burgers too!

Next we had mixed vegetables tempura $8 and I loved the variety! It came with asparagus, shiitake mushroom, enoki mushroom, 2 sweet potatos, green chili, lady finger, eggplant and lotus root. We were stuffed after finishing all the vegetables! We say it’s a great deal for this price and the shiitake mushroom was one of the juiciest I’ve ever eaten.
My friend told me the mushroom spring roll $8 is a must try. But when it came, we realized it was another deep fried dish so it wasn’t the best option to order for the night. It tasted like a mini pizza and it was the only non vegan dish as well. We felt it was a strange contrast with all the other japanese cuisine we were having. It will be great if the service staff highlighted it to us that it was another fried dish and to recommend us another dish instead.

Thankfully the last dish ended on a sweet note. This smoked duck with mushroom $12 is simply amazing! The charred texture on the duck and mushroom was such a perfect combination and the teriyaki sauce went really went with it.  Overall, we spent about $51 for 2 person with a pot of ocha green tea $7 plus GST and service charge. Not a bad place for a lovely quiet dinner date. Will definitely return for the smoked duck and for more sushi!

91 Bencoolen Street Sunshine Plaza #01-50 Singapore 189652

Lunch 11am-3pm, Dinner 5.30pm-9.30pm

Reservation: 63377050

7 thoughts on “Salmon Maki Roll- Bespoke Teng Vegetarian Restaurant Sunshine Plaza

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    • Hi Luke, the smoked duck with mushroom is a must try if you visit!!! We really dig the special texture and flavours together.

      Roland & Priscilla

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  4. Awesome place at the new unit and it is cosy with good service. I have my lunch with my mum. I should put a Thumb Up on the food and prices too.
    Definitely, I will keep my friends know about this new place and very happily with the gentleman, Mr Jackson that served us. Jackson is very pleasant and polite with the right attitude in the service line.
    It is a very pleasant lunch that I have in the buzzling area in Bencoolen .
    Julianna Ekstrom

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