Carrot Cake- Lao Di Fang at Park Mall

After a satisfying meal a few weeks ago at Lao Di Fang at Park Mall, I decided to bring my parents there for dinner. I ordered the chilli fish and stir fried french beans again and tried 2 new dishes this time. The pan fried carrot cake $3.80+ was a great hit and the pumpkin dou miao$9.80+ was kind of disappointing. It reminded me of dim sum brunch I’ve had in many cantonese top restaurants in Singapore. This carrot cake had a crisp texture but yet tasted soft and was not oily at all. The sweet sauce went really well with it that my mum who loves chilli actually stopped me from dipping the sauce and told me to eat it on its own!
The pumpkin dou miao on the other hand was really bland. My dad exclaimed, did they forget to add salt? I on the other hand thought it was the healthiest pumpkin puree I’ver ever drank. It’s very smooth, light and not rich and creamy like any western pumpkin soup I have ever had. We ended up drizzling our brown rice with the pumpkin puree which tasted so healthy and good. It will be good if the dou miao had more taste or was stir fried first instead of it being steamed and mixed with the pumpkin puree.

Our french bean and chilli fish did not disappoint again. While the food was good, we’re disappointed that they rushed us to pay our bill right after our food was served with almost a quarter of the restaurant still filled with customers. And they also rejected our request to order dessert after we paid for our bill:( Guess we have to drop by much earlier in the future and my application to apply for their membership card failed as no one had since contacted me. We spent about $47 for the entire meal and it’s still another place I will visit for a good vegetarian treat.

9 Penang Road
#B1-12 Park Mall
Singapore 238459

Tel: 6533 8959/ 9003 4238
Fax: 6535 2513

Opening Hours
Open Daily
11.30am – 3.00pm (Lunch)
5.00pm – 10.00pm (Dinner)

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