Dry Teochew Mee Pok- Loving Hut Suntec City Mall Tower 2

LH_STC 11am menu inside 201210_860a
Finally Lunar new year is OVER and all the normal menus are back! Yeah:) I decided to revisit Loving Hut at Suntec City again for the ala carte menu. It was packed with people during lunch time and is the only place in Suntec City that is crowded now. Everywhere else is a dead town. Crossing my fingers that they won’t move away anytime soon.
Having read good reviews about the mee pok $5 on hungrygowhere.com, I ordered the dry version with less chilli. The food came swiftly and it was a decent portion with sliced fish ball and minced mushroom sauce. The noodles tasted as good as any normal mee pok you will find in all hawker stalls and the minced meat sauce adds a great texture to the noodles. The only thing I disliked was the mock fishball slices which tasted really artificial and too rubbery for my liking so I did not finish them after one bite. A bowl of small carrot and winter melon soup was a good addition and like all vegetarian soups, I love that there was no aftertaste and I don’t feel thirsty after gobbling down the whole bowl.


Till 3pm daily, they have a special upgrade deal where you can add $1.50 for 4 types of drink and $2.50 for any side dishes like the ones we had above. The blanched kai lan came in a tiny portion but was crunchy and fresh. While the peppery tofu(3 pieces) on the other hand was strange with the black peppery sauce. The tofu alone with the sliced cucumbers would have been good enough.

My girlfriend ordered Arriabiata $8 and it had to be the BIGGEST pasta portion I’ve ever seen. It’s like 2 plates of Pasta Mania pasta into one. I took a small bite from her and the tomato sauce tasted like any good home cook meal with a sizable amount of vegetables like green and red peppers, broccoli, eggplants and much more.

As she does not take onions and garlic, it’s great to see little details of a garlic logo on the menu to indicate if any dishes contain garlic or onions. Not forgetting the attentive staffs who greeted us with smiles despite the crowd and went an extra mile to bring an extra bowl and asked if she wanted garlic or onions while my friend was ordering her pasta. Can’t wait to return to try their Assam laska and satay to reminisce our Penang vegetarian adventure!

3 Temasek Boulevard

#03-016 Suntec City Mall

Tel: 62386755
Open daily from 11am-10pm

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