Homemade Mushroom Walnut Tortellini- Fine Palate Cafe


It’s rare to find a place in the heart of the city for a quiet quaint meal. And here is my little hideout before I turned vegan near my workplace. I used to frequent Fine Palate Cafe for their tuna sesame capellini once in awhile for their daily lunch specials at $26++ for either an entree and main or main with dessert. This time round, I returned hoping to find some vegetarian delights as the food here never fails to make me smile.

Together with my girlfriend, we sat outdoors beside a stretch of bamboo plants. The service staffs at Fine Palate are always attentive and engages us in small chats to check if our meal is going on well.

We both ordered an entree and a main.The special delight of our meal is this crispy focaccia bread they serve with hummus today. I love that they change the dips often and I’ve been there a few times and have tried their olive and sun-dried tomatoes dips and a few others which I cannot remember. Wished they gave us more though:P
Our entree came swiftly and I love this mixed green and quinoa salad! It comes with organic quinoa, green peas, chick peas, edamame, cannellini beans with minted lemon vinaigrette. It’s the perfect summer salad with good crunchy beans, rocket leaves and lettuce. The lemon dressing with black pepper goes so well together and really whets one’s appetite.
Next I had homemade mushroom walnut tortellini with sage butter (total of 10 pcs). I opted to not have parmesan cheese over my pasta and the staff kindly informed me that the tortellini were made in advance hence they cannot remove the cheese bits inside. I went along with it as there were no other vegetarian options in the menu. Each mouthful was choked with a good amount of mushroom and the crunchy walnut bits adds an extra dimension to my meal. It was really satisfying and one of the best pasta I’ve tasted in awhile. I love it when italian restaurant serves homemade pasta instead of those pre-made store bought ones. The walnuts reminded me that maybe they could add water chestnut to this pasta dish too for an extra sweet touch. To cut it short, it tasted like you are eating cream of mushroom soup with wantan skin in a good way, ha..if you get what I mean?

Overall a brilliant lunch meal and each of us paid about $31 for our set lunch after all the service charges. Really hope they will add more vegetarian dishes to their menu soon. You can easily spot this cafe when you walk along waterloo street. It’s just beside St Peter and Paul church and opposite a mexican restaurant and a jewish synagogue.


51 Waterloo Street #01-04/05

Tel: 63365120

Opening Hours:

Tue – Fri: 11:00 – 16:00
Sat – Sun: 10:00 – 16:00

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