Peanut Porridge & Coconut Ice Cream- Yi Xin Vegetarian Restaurant Chinatown

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We were in town this evening and wanted to check out Whole Earth but they were closed for maintenance. I suddenly recalled us walking past this restaurant before Chinese New Year but they were closed for the day the other time. Yi Xin Vegetarian Restaurant looks more like a hawker stall to me. They have their own drink stall and two counters for you to order cheaper items at the economical stall counter and in a corner, you can order ala carte dishes. Prices are really reasonable and value for money.

Hubby Ro was craving bitter gourd with black beans so we ordered that in a plate with 2 other dishes, sambal petai and broccoli. In total the vegetables platter cost us $3. I ordered a bowl of peanut porridge too and boy was it yummy! It was brewed so soft and smooth like any cantonese porridge with a good amount of braised peanuts and slices of bean curd skin with a chunky mock fish bean curd too. At just $2.50, this bowl was so huge I could hardly finish it but I gobbled down all the peanuts! Out of all the vegetables, the sambal petai wins our vote!

I spotted this fried section just in front of the economical counter and saw this lady happily chomping them down. Distracted by the extensive menu, we spotted satay and decided to order them. But it was a mistake as it tasted really strange and the peanut satay sauce was really diluted and oily. Upon dipping our mock meat, you just get the oil all stuck to your satay. And this being the most expensive dish we ordered that day at $6, we should have gotten the chilli fish we saw almost everyone ordering!

Hubby Ro ordered organic tomato spaghetti $4 and he thought it was mild but flavourful at the same time. It reminded him of home cooked food and thought the tomato sauce had all the right touch together with the crispy bean curd skin, button mushroom and lettuce. We will definitely be back for more and I actually prefer the economical rice section as the vegetables were good and cheap.

39 Temple Street

Tel: 93666002

Opening hours: 8am -10pm


After dinner, we passed by this road side kisok, very near to the above location. (Not sure what the building is called, but it is just opposite the huge red temple). They were selling coconut ice cream at $3 each and I was super duper excited! Praying it might taste anything similar to the one I had in Bangkok, we approached the store with a smiling girl face. (I suspect she might be the owner’s daughter, they have the same smile).

He scooped our ice cream into a coconut shell and added red coconut ruby, nuts and coconut syrup on it. He offered to add corn too but we said it’s enough. Upon the first bite, I went AHHhhhh.. nice! It’s definitely not as good as the one in Bangkok as it tasted much richer and more creamy. I love that they also have slices of coconut flesh together with the ice cream and it’s pretty worth it with 2 scoops. Hubby Ro liked it so much he ordered a coconut drink at $2. We say it’s the perfect dessert to end a good meal!

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