A Remembrance of Things Past

There are times in life when one is seized by a sense of sadness, and oftentimes despair.

This is one of them.


This is a little kitten who has been hanging around in the deck below our flat for the past few months. Pris named her ‘Cutwo,’ to signify her resemblance in appearance to our own, Cutie. Weird name I know… We will feed her at times, taking turns with our neighbours.


This was her on the night of the Chinese New Year. It was a cold, rainy night and she was curled up like a little ball to shield herself against the cold and wind. We decided to bring some food and a warm dry towel for her. She immediately chose the towel.

She was a shy one, and we could never approach within less than a metre of her before she would run away. But it was enough to give her some comfort from a distance.


That was the last time we saw of her.

Apparently little more than a week ago, she was run over by a taxi and left to die. But managed to make her way to the gas station nearby where she eventually passed away.

This is just a little write up in remembrance of another little one, lest she remains voiceless and forgotten like so many others.

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