Bean curd Skin Stew- Hup Seng Heng Vegetarian Stall at West Coast Food Market


Living in the west, Hup Seng Heng vegetarian stall is nearest to our place. This afternoon, we decided to head there for brunch and there was a short queue before we can get our order. Located at a corner near the car park and facing the main road where the bus stop is, this location is easy to find and there are ample seats to enjoy your meal. The stall is tiny and I saw 5 workers working hard, cooking and serving customers. It’s really admirable for hawker stall owners to be on their feet in small spaces almost every day! I found an interview of Mr Toh the owner of this lovely stall as he shares his struggles and dreams of his successful business. We spotted him busying cooking too!


I ordered economical bee hoon with pumpkin, spicy lady fingers and bean curd skin stew. While Hubby Ro had bean sprouts, sliced potatoes and bean curd stew too. The highlight had to be the bean curd stew! It’s super soft, tasty and not too salty. We spent $2.50 for each of our plate and he ordered an extra portion of the bean curd which costs an extra $0.80! It’s really a place to get fuss free, healthy and cheap meal. They also offer ala carte menu as seen on their sign board as well.


After the meal, Hubby Ro decided to try their curry puff $0.80. He loved it! It was soft and crunchy with a good amount of curry potatoes in them. Definitely a fun snack to have and does not taste too oily or heaty for the throat.

Blk 726 Clementi West Street 2

#01-195 Clementi West Market and Food Centre

They are closed every Monday but open on the 1st and 15th of the lunar year calendar


2 thoughts on “Bean curd Skin Stew- Hup Seng Heng Vegetarian Stall at West Coast Food Market

  1. Pleased that you both can educate me on vegetarian food in the West. It has been an area of Singapore I’ve neglected so far, for my blog. So finding out about these places is very useful for me.

    Keep up the great work!

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