Gourmet chocolates to my doorstep!

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Who can ever resist chocolates, we can’t for sure. That’s why we love this awesome new home delivery chocolate service by Luxby.com! I’ve subscribed since their launch last December and I am touched by their attentiveness to details, their gorgeous packaging, speedy delivery and of course the divine gourmet chocolates you cannot buy and find in Singapore. Best part is, every month the parcel you received will be a surprise, you never know what you’ll get! But you can definitely inform David if you have any preferences.

Once he sent me green tea milk chocolates and when I told him I am not a fan of milk chocolates he offered to deliver another bar of chocolates for me for free! Wow, talk about good service and dedication.

Most recently, I informed him that I’ve turned vegan and if he could prepare my chocolates in that favor. He replied a day later with this detailed breakdown of the chocolates ingredients they always deal with. So proud we’re supporting businesses that cares.

Hi Priscilla,

From what I understand, strict vegans don’t consume products that are certified to be free from any animal content whatsoever. Other who are less strict generally still consume products without the certification but they do check the ingredients.

I’ve checked through the whole list, currently all of the chocolates we bring in cleared the second group with the most un-vegan like ingredient being milk. For dark chocolates, since most of them are made in same environment that also produces milk or white chocolate, there might be tiny traces of milk/milk powder, same case with nuts. For plain dark chocolates, they generally have these ingredients :

Cacao Mass/Solids/Liquor (basically just cacao powder, the liquor is when they grind it to a cacao paste, no alcohol involved)

Cacao Butter (natural butter that is extracted from the cacao beans, added to chocolate to give it the melting effect, no moo moos involved 🙂 all chocolate contains this)

Sugar (unless its a 100% cacao chocolate bar, it will have some sugar)

Some chocolate makers adds these:

Soy lecithin as an emulsifier, to mixed the cacao powder and cacao butter better

Natural vanilla beans, for a fuller mouth feel.
Do let me know how strict is your vegan diet and how I can help 🙂


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