Home Cooking- Japanese Vegetable Curry Udon


Earlier this evening, we had some friends over for a pot luck party. I decided to make my favourite vegetable sushi while my girlfriend Pauline decided to make some vegetable japanese curry udon! Her boyfriend Wei zhang and her do not take onions and garlic so we did not add any of them in our dinner menu. Together with her, we started preparing all the ingredients in our kitchen.

You will need:

A packet of potatoes (we used 7 regular potatoes)

A packet of white button mushroom ( we separated the mushroom stems)

A packet of baby carrots

A packet of mock vegetarian mutton meat (which actually tasted and was monkey head mushroom)

2 packets of Golden Curry mix (we chose HOT flavour)

First, start by parboiling the potatoes with skin on. Once done, peel and cut them into fours. Next wash the mushrooms and carrots. Pour vegetable oil (about 1 tablespoon) and stir in potatoes and carrots, add the mushroom stems and mushroom caps. We had a total of 3 and a 1/2 cup of hot water and let it boil. While boiling, we added in the mock mutton mushroom bits.


Next add in the Golden Curry Mix a few at a time. (It comes in 5 curry paste cubes per packet). Stir and make sure the paste is well dissolved with the rest of the ingredients. Let it simmer and we proceeded to make the udon noodles. Using instant fresh udon (It comes in 3 individual noodle pack per packaging), we added them into our boiling hot water. Within minutes when bubbles are formed, remove and set aside in a large bowl. PLEASE NOTE that throughout the entire process, we did not use any salt or pepper. The currry paste mix was tasty and salty enough. If it’s too salty, just add more water and it really depends if you want a thicker curry paste or a slightly diluted version.


The boys’ favourite had to be the mini sausages and pan fried dumplings we bought earlier this morning at the wholesale market. For both of them, we added vegetable oil again into the pan and fry them till crispy goodness. While cooking, the boys kept coming over to steal a sausage or two. The ingredients in the dumplings are wheat flour, vegetarian meat, carrot, celery, cabbage, mushroom and soy. And the mini sausages contain soy protein, soy sauce, whey protein, vegetable oil, vegetable seasoning, calcium lactate, soya lecathin and vitamin E.

We heard from the supplier that it’s better to pan fry this dumpling instead of steaming it. The ingredients and flavour were really good and even our non vegetarian friends enjoyed it very much. It cost $4.50 for 30 pieces.

Once again my favourite vegetable sushi recipe is back and I taught my girlfriend Johanna and her guy Ray how to make this simple yet yummy dish! They had so much fun making it and again we were stealing little bites of it along the cooking process:) I used the same ingredients as before but changed the dressing sauce. This time, we used liquid gold (AMLOU) from our recent trip to Morocco! More on that in the next post.

We ended the night with a sweet note and our friends were really thoughtful to bring along dairy free sorbet from Ion orchard food place! In a bowl of summer berries and refreshing lemon sorbet, she added blueberries and an extremely unique mini kiwi we have never seen before! The above picture showcased how tiny the kiwi we had was! It’s the sweetest kiwi ever and the combination was YUMS:)


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