Home Cooking- Oatmeal Cereal Prawns & Tempura Oyster Mushroom

This afternoon we had a family luncheon with 2 special guests from Japan.

They are Mei and Yui and my cousin Zi Fong (from left to right), who is their guest host for a japanese school exchange program with National Junior College. While my mum, grandma and aunt helped out in the kitchen, we decided to let the girls try their hands on making vegetable sushi. They found it interesting to use only vegetables in their traditional sushi roll and kept saying oishii.

In the kitchen, I learnt to make oatmeal cereal prawns and tempura oyster mushroom with my mum. This awesome dish is a treat every time we visit any vegetarian restaurant. After learning this recipe, it can be substituted with oatmeal cereal bean curd, egg plants or even mushrooms. Here are the ingredients:

For the tempura paste (This portion was enough for an entire packet of mock king prawns and a packet of oyster mushroom)

3 tablespoon of white corn flour

3 tablespoon of Hong Kong flour

1 teaspoon of salt and pepper

1 egg beaten (My mum said it’s ok to omit this but it might not stick together as well during the frying process)

1 small cup of water

Mix the corn flour and Hong Kong flour together, add salt and pepper and slowly add in beaten egg. Start mixing and add water to the flour mixture. Watch out for lumps and mix it till it’s smooth and creamy.

Prepare the wok and wait for oil to heat up. We used 2 of the above kitchen tools to help us lift the fried prawns after it’s done. Dip the thawed prawns into the flour mixture and drip it well before putting it into the wok. Fry them to golden goodness and continue the frying process with the oyster mushrooms.

Next, we started preparing the oatmeal cereal mixture and the king prawns was bought from Friendly Vegetarian Food Supplier. You will need:

3-5 tablespoon of oatmeal cereal

1 small chilli padi sliced

1 small packet of curry leaves (Our neighbour planted this in their garden and exchanged it with the chilli padi grandma planted)

2 teaspoon of sugar

Small amount of sliced ginger

Heat the wok and add in sliced ginger. Remove ginger once the aroma is out. Add curry leaves and fry it till it’s crispy and the kitchen is filled with a wonderful aroma. Add the sliced chilli padi and put fried tempura prawns into the wok. Pour oatmeal in batches and keep frying.

Fry and stir well and when the oatmeal turn slightly brown or crispy. Add sugar and continue frying all the mixture for the taste to come together. Served hot and crispy. It was gone within minutes:)

We also tried re making the yummy stir fry french bean we had at Lao Di Fang Restaurant at Park Mall. All you need is french beans, carrots, radish (mum told me we need to fry this with ginger beforehand to get the taste) and ginger slices again to make this dish. It tasted as good or I say even healthier than the one we ate! For extra kick, we’re going to add in some sambal chilli in the future.

Grandma also bought abalone (it costed about $6.50 for the whole thing) and sliced it thinly to add in our soup and yusheng.
For tea snack, I gobbled down 3 of grandma’s special glutinous rice bean curd roll. It’s so light and tasty with crunchy peanuts, mock ham, mushroom and not salty like those store bought ones. She told me it’s super tedious to make this and will teach me another day! Cannot wait to learn more tricks and recipes from her.

The day ended again on a sweet note with seasonal longans, strawberries and grapes:)

2 thoughts on “Home Cooking- Oatmeal Cereal Prawns & Tempura Oyster Mushroom

  1. Dear Pris, I enjoyed reading this blog and thanks for sharing the making of oatmeal cereal prawn, been wanting to try that… Thanks again ! Cheers Kath 🙂

    • Dear Kathleen! Such a surprise to hear you visit our blog:) Yea it’s so simple and easy to make and hope we meet again soon.

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