We found liquid gold: ARGAN OIL/ AMLOU from Morocco

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As mentioned in our earlier post on the AMLOU dressing we used in our vegetable sushi roll, this super rare and extremely healthy paste is a treasure we found in our recent wedding anniversary trip to Morocco. Amlou is a chunky paste which some people have compared to tahini or peanut butter. It is made with argan oil, almonds or peanuts, and sometimes honey or sugar. The food is popular among the Berbers, native to the region of Morocco which produces argan oil.

It comes from the argan tree, a gnarled tree which flourishes in the arid and difficult conditions of Morocco. The tree yields drupes, seeds covered in a thick fleshy coating which must be removed before they can be cracked and pressed for argan oil. The oil has both culinary and cosmetic uses, since it is rich in vitamins and minerals. Taken straight, argan oil has a nutty aroma and flavor which reminds some people of hazelnuts.

IMG_4546 IMG_4839

Throughout our 10 day trip, we had berber bread (best in the world  and better than french bread we say!) with argan oil, olive oil and amlou! We visited shops where ladies were making them from scratch out of the nuts and grinding them by hand. We even went for an argan oil massage which was so relaxing and good. For every meal, we had a pretty fix choice of either vegetable/meat cous cous or vegetable/meat tagine with bread. And every meal came with a super sweet mint tea which we often ask them to omit.


Each bottle cost about $25-$35 singapore dollars. It’s definitely not cheap at all but it’s worth every penny to us as it’s hard to find this anywhere else in the world. We’re savouring every last drop of it until we find an online shop that sells genuine good quality argan oil from Morocco. Tasting it this evening reminded us of our recent trip where we met the cutest animals and was closest to mother nature. Scroll on if you will like a visual feast of what we did and saw!

Visting makeshift village markets and buying fresh grown olives and mandarin oranges along our journey. Stopping at commercial big olive oil making companies and traditional olive oil farms using old style techniques with their mules.

Experiencing extreme winter snow at the high atlas mountain and checking our nomads herds in the desert within a day.

We followed herds of sheep, goats and camels along their quest for food and finding desert rose fossils.

Entering the golden sea of the world, the Sahara desert (no photoshop was used in the following pictures)

Where we scaled sand dunes, traveled 2 and a half journey back and forth into the desert with our camels and leaving our mark there.

IMG_5547 IMG_5546
We camped in the heart of the desert and touched golden sahara sand for the very first time.

And witnessing the most magnificent sunset and sunrise ever while sleeping under a blanket of stars and the milky way. We counted 7 shooting stars on the same night too.

And ending a whirlwind trip in the ancient medina of Marrakech, Fez and Chefchaouen. We miss you Morocco.

8 thoughts on “We found liquid gold: ARGAN OIL/ AMLOU from Morocco

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  2. Hey, from Singapore too? thanks for dropping by my blog 🙂 Sorry I had been too busy to reply or even update my blog lately! Hope to see you at one of the singapore vegetarian meetups! We can keep in touch, I dropped my email here.

    • Hi There! Yes we’re from Singapore and we will definitely love to meet you in person at one of Singapore vegetarian meet up! Can’t wait to check out your new blog entries:) Thanks for dropping by ours too!

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    • Hi Racheal,

      We have no idea! What purpose will you like the pure argan oil to be used for?
      There is a beauty range called Absolutely essential at Supernature organics which was just launched.
      We have yet to check it out but heard its amazing!
      Let us know where you shop for seriously pure argan oil too!

      Roland & Priscilla

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