Claypot Tofu & Black Pepper Ribs- Tian Yi Vegetarian Stall at 132 Jurong Gateway

Screen shot 2013-03-04 at PM 10.28.01
We were in Jurong East for our weekly yoga lessons and after class we found 2 vegetarian stalls just a walk away from Jcube in the heart of Jurong East Centre. The other was closing so we went to Tian Yi (hoped I spelt it right) and ordered some ala carte dishes to share.
Their business was so good, we had to wait for 15 minutes before our food arrived. Although their menu was pretty thin, they had many choices per category and their prices were fair and their portions were substantial. Look out for the little monk on their signboard and throughout their entire menu.

We had claypot tofu and it was a huge portion at $7. Besides the awesome soft tofu with wok flavour it also came with lettuce, green peas,carrots, red capsicum, mock fish slices and meat. Usually I dislike items with too much corn flour but this was a great balance and the gravy was not salty at all. The hot pot below kept our dish warm throughout our entire meal:)

Initially we ordered stir fry dou miao but they ran out of it and they replaced it with spinach $6. Although the presentation of this dish was not great, the taste made up for it and we absolutely adore stalls that offer more greens! This is a must order if you love healthy, no nonsense vegetables.

Last to arrive, we had black pepper ribs $8 highly recommended by lady boss herself. Hubby Ro likes it very much and he said it’s a great finger food choice! It had an indian spice flavour to it and we can’t really taste the pepper but it’s a rich and a very yummy snack to munch on. After waiting for so long, it was just minutes again before we finished everything on our plates.

Overall we paid $21.50 for 3 dishes and a plate of rice. We realized we’ve been saving so much money ever since we turned vegetarian as 3 plates of vegetables/meat/seafood in the past would have costed us double the amount.

It’s located at Blk 132 Jurong Gateway Road, #01-271.

Opening hours: As early as 6am and their last order at 8.30pm.

They are closed this coming Sunday 10th March and open every alternate sundays.

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