Vegan Broth- The Soup Spoon Ion Orchard

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Was in town earlier today and Orchard Road is one of the hardest place to find a decent vegan eatery. Walking past The Soup Spoon on basement 3 of Ion Orchard, I saw a poster promoting their chef’s special and I was so thrilled to see Vegan Broth!

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A soup specially dedicated to vegans with no eggs, dairy, onions and garlic.The soup contains Sharks fin melon, lotus roots, Chinese yam, carrots, mushrooms, corn kernels, peanuts, beancurd skin, chinese bitter almonds, goji berries, red dates, dried figs, yuzu, chinese angelica, ginger, mirin and sake. It was basically a powerhouse herbal soup without the bitter taste. The soup alone with bread cost $6.80 but I decided to get the Souper Value Meal at an extra $4.80.

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I had the soup with a wheat grain bun. The soup was sweet and tasty for sure but way too choked with ingredients. I wished there was more soup and less ingredients. Inevitably you will definitely bite into some chinese herbs, a few tasted slightly strange but the corn and peanuts were crunchy and the tender lotus roots and shark fin melon were my favourites.


For my side, I had a half tortilla wrap with falafel and hummus with side salad. The falafel tasted really healthy but was not crispy or as flavourful as I hoped. In the end , I ate the falafel alone without the wrap as the tortilla skin was too thick. As for the hummus spread, it was such a thin layer covering my falafel but I am glad they had carrots, cucumbers, lettuces and sprouts with my wrap. Towards the end of my meal, the soup was making me pretty thirsty from all the crunching, I am so glad The Soup Spoon now offers more drink options other than their super sweet Ice Lemon Tea in the past. Now they offer bottled mineral water too! Yeah:)

Will I come back for this soup? Yeah why not, but I’ll definitely skip the falafel wrap and order Asian tofu salad instead. Hopefully they will come out with more healthy vegan soups in their upcoming chef’s specials in the future.

Find them at Ion Orchard
Basement 3 Unit 18
Sun – Thur: 11.00am to 10.00pm
Fri & Sat: 11.00am to 10.30pm
Tel No: 6509 8765

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