Assam Fish- Ru Lai Vegetarian Stall at Upper Thomson

Picking Hubby Ro up from his work at Mount Alvernia Hospital, we decided to check out Ru Lai vegetarian stall at Sin Ming Road near Upper Thomson. After parking our car, we headed to block 24 and when we saw Jin Fa restaurant, we thought we went to the wrong block or the restaurant have moved! So we decided to walk up and asked if they were Ru Lai, only to find out that Jin Fa is the coffee shop name! (We both could not understand or read the chinese logo) Ahaha..

We wanted to order the oyster omlette they were famous for, but was told we could only get it before 4pm. And we also realized it was an egg dish so no oyster omlette and carrot cake for us anymore!

We ordered bitter gourd soup small portion $3 and when it arrived, we were beyond shocked. The enormous portion could feed a family of five! The soup was tasty, clear and soothing. With bitter gourd, mushrooms, some mock mutton meat and tomatoes, it was the healthiest soup we’ve tasted by far and totally value for money.

Next, we had bean sprouts with salted fish $6. Really loved this dish. It was stir fried to perfection as the bean sprouts were really crunchy and went so well with the mock bean curd fish! The portion though was quite small and we wished we ordered medium size for this!

The last item we ordered was Assam fish $8 and it was the same fish we had in our bean sprouts. It was not very spicy and the sauce was tangy sweet and sour with a slight kick. There were brinjals, tomatoes, mock fish slices, pineapple and red capsicum as well. Overall, a satisfying meal and we will definitely be back to try the “fried frog leg” item they have.

On our way back to the car, we spotted a really random thing on someone’s car. At first glance, we thought it was an old or super browned parking coupon but upon closer inspection, it was a $10 parking coupon! We’ve never seen this and wow this dude parked for 20 hours?


Blk 24 #01-51 Sin Ming Road Singapore 570024

Tel: 64576143

Open Mon 6am-2pm, Tues to Sat 6am-9.45pm, Sunday 10am-9.45pm

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