Vegan Mud Pie- Brownice at Sin Ming Centre


Since we were around Sin Ming Road, we had to walk over to Brownice to check out their vegan ice cream which are highly raved about by so many vegan bloggers!! The cafe was totally empty, we’re guessing everyone was having dinner or just knocking off work around 7pm. We literally had the cafe to ourselves:) The cafe served free Kangen water, wow it was the first time we heard about this. It tasted like any water actually or it might be the sweet desserts that numbed our taste buds?


Anyway back to the stars of the cafe, the yummy ice creams! Like a girl in the candy shop, I wanted to try all the flavours and I did that with the help of a very helpful staff who did not give me any dirty looks. I tried black sesame (found it tasteless), tried pumpkin coconut which I LOVE the most!, dark chocolates and also pistachios (nutty and rich). While hubby Ro went straight to the point and ordered a mudpie $9.80. My two scoops of pumpkin coconut and dark chocolate cost $5.50 in a cup. We loved that they use all things natural, from organic brown rice and no artificial flavouring. It was lactose free and egg free too. Best part, it melts much slower than regular ice creams and there was no sickening milky burps too:P

My dark chocolate ice cream tasted like any dark 60-70% chocolate bar but frozen. It was so rich and decadently yummy and made of organic brown rice milk, dairy free chocolates, nuts, organic evaporated cane juice and dextrose.While my pumpkin coconut ice cream contains pumpkin, organic brown rice milk, coconut milk, organic evaporated cane juice, dextrose* and atlantic sea salt. (*Dextrose is not sugar. Dextrose is a type of sweetener made from plant starch. Usually corn starch in the USA. It can be made from rice or other plant starch.)image_11image_9

The mudpie Hubby Ro had was made of smooth french and hazelnut chocolate ice cream, served on a bed of brown rice crisps (healthy tasting, no oily buttery smell) and topped with dark chocolate ganache and caramelized sea salt almonds.

Sin Ming Centre

8 Sin Ming Road #01-03 Singapore 575628

Tel 6456 6431

Opening hours: Mon- Fri 1pm – 11pm, Sat- Sun 1pm- 12 midnight

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