Mushroom Barley Risotto & Tofu Steak Sandwich- ONANKA ARC Revisited

For dinner, we met up with some close friends but they aren’t vegetarians and prefer no carbs in their meals so we googled and tried finding any places that can satisfy both our dietary requirements. Through this review, we saw a list of restaurants that serves both vegetarian and meat dishes, but we decided to head back to ONAKA at ARC as we still had fond memories of the food and service there.


Before that, we had some time to spare before dinner so we hopped over to Macritchie reservoir for a stroll and had a pre dinner snack!


At Onaka, we ordered two starters to share with everyone.


Asian Hummus $10- organic tahini, organic chickpeas, chilli marinated olives melange served with whole meal pita crisps. The pita crisps was cut thick and extra crunchy. Though we loved the chips and the hummus, we thought the combination was too strong. It’s either the chilli or the garlic inside the olives that gave it a rough spicy raw texture. We prefer our hummus smooth and creamy I guess.


Smoked Beans $8- baked white and black beans, molasses served with organic corn chips. This was definitely one of our favourite dish as it’s like eating chips or we think healthier chips. Definitely a good tacos idea and the smoked beans went really well with the corn chips. We just kept dipping for more.


Hubby Ro had Grilled Tofu vegetarian sandwich $12. It comes with whole wheat panini, marinated tofu steaks, butter lettuce, tomato, house-made horseradish and mustard dressing. The portion was really as huge as the photo above. Not the best presentation of the lot but this light dressing sandwich is stunning. You just want to keep eating and the layers of the sandwich merged well together. From the wasabi mustard dressing to the lime tangy salad and the greens with a tasty well marinated tofu steak, it’s very lovely and worth every penny.


I had a special order of mushroom barley risotto $24 with sauteed mushrooms with lime foam. Initially they only serve this with seafood like prawns and mussels, but they do not mind making it vegetarian for us but forgot to not add the milky foam. Each bite was really smooth, creamy and oozy. It’s like entering a mushroom heaven if there was any! They do not have this in their menu and it is not always available for a change of ingredients. We’re just in luck they have mushrooms in the kitchen.


And my mother in law had Roasted mushroom soba $16. It comes with roasted mushroom ragu, buckwheat soba, mushroom dashi and truffle aroma. She just went AHHHhh..very good. So I guess it’s awesome and it smelt really fragrant too.


We ended the night with Coconut in Coconut $10. It was made of coconut jelly, pomegranate sago, natta de coco, lime granita. Our friends gave us the most sour faces ever so this dessert is for any sour lover folks but strangely they enjoyed it very much. It’s like a surprise every time you bite into the lemon sorbet with the coconut flesh jelly.


Avo-Choco Emotion $12 made of avocado and chocolate mousse layers and banana chips. We didn’t get a chance to eat it the last time so we had to order this despite being stuffed. Most of the portions we had tonight were more than what we had at the vegetarian meet up last week. This dessert is double the size and taste really rich, creamy and chocolately. You won’t believe it’s avocado at all as I’m not a big fan of them. But this dessert is so sweet you need to share or drink lots of water with it.

460 Alexandra Road #01-32 Alexandra Retail Centre

Tel: 62702012

Mon- Fri: 11.30am to 10.30pm, Sat, Sun and public holidays 10am to 10.30pm

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