Orh Nee- Living Greens Cafe at Beach Road

Screen shot 2013-03-08 at PM 11.14.37
The night before, I googled Living Greens to see what their daily specials for Friday as I will be around that area. But to my dismay, tomorrow 9th March 2013 Saturday is their last day at beach road:( Knowing that, I knew I have to make a special trip down to support them and try their yummy wholesome good food again before they find a new premise. Please let it be somewhere in town or the west! Ahaha..

I ordered their friday special: Zha Jiang Noodles $7. The portion is just right and the soya mushroom protein meat was really good. Initially I thought it looked quite dry but after mixing it and a few bites, it was really good. Love the raw vegetables and 2 sides of sweet potatoes too. image_2

I wanted to order sesame yogurt pudding again but I overheard lady boss barbara telling another table they have Orh Nee $3.50(Yam paste with ginko nuts). OMG!!! I literally squeaked on my spot. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this chinese dessert so much, we even had it at our wedding dinner although we served a western sitting menu. But I wondered if it will taste as authentic or as good as the normal pork lard oil Orh Nee. Guess what? It’s way better than I expected. It came with wolf berries, ginkgo nuts, some pumpkin puree and topped with almond milk. It’s a really interesting flavour. First time, my orh nee is nutty yet still rich, creamy and smooth. WOW! I even packed one back for Hubby Ro to try and he really liked it too.

Really hope Living Greens Cafe finds their new place soon! We want more:) We need more vegan friendly cafes!

Address 325 Beach Road, Singapore 199559
(opposite The Concourse)
Contact (+65) 6396 5523
Opening Hours 11:00 am to 20:30 pm (Mon – Sat)
(Closed on Sundays)

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