Baby Vegan Menu- Vegan Mother Hubbard Blog

Vegan Toddler Meals Collage 3
We follow Sandra from Vegan Mother Hubbard Blog regularly on google reader and every other day she posts fun pictures of her two beautiful twin daughters, Clarissa and Veronica. And today we cannot resist sharing these little collages of vegan meals she prepares for her two darlings. The colour plates and mini sizes looks resistibly yummy!

Vegan Toddler Meals Collage 2

Vegan Toddler Meals Collage 1
How we wished we were brought up with such a healthy diet (no fast foods) and learning the beauty of being vegan from young. Here are some links I found that talks about going through pregnancy as a vegan, bringing up a baby and the food and nutritions they need to get, and how celebrity Alicia Sliverstone  who will be writing her own vegan pregnancy book said it’s much better for a natural delivery during her pregnant days as a vegan.

Not that we’re thinking of having our own soon but if so many ladies can do it and have such kind and life giving children! It’s definitely a great bonus to bring up a child teaching them about conscious eating, love for sentient beings around us and on a diet that benefits the earth and their bodies too.

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