Handmade Tofu Dome- Yi Xin Vegetarian Stall at Clementi Ave 4

As a family, we’ve eaten here once when they first opened and my favourite tailor is a resident in the same block! This evening, I dropped by her place to pick up some alteration with my mum and we ordered 3 dishes!
Mum had crispy noodles with mushroom and vegetables $3 as they ran out of rice around 8pm. She finished the whole plate and said she loved the noodles as it stayed consistently crunchy throughout the meal. I ordered stir fry nai bai $6, but I found it had a pretty strong ginger taste and the vegetables were not as tasty and was rather tasteless.


Finally the last to arrive was handmade tofu dome $8. It’s huge and really worth the wait. The tofu is so soft and the gravy works perfectly with this dish. My mum suspected they might have used some radish too.
To our surprise, half way as we were eating the dome we found out that there were ingredients like mock prawn, ham, mushrooms  in it too. We will definitely want to come back and re-order this unique dish! Best part, I visit my tailor so often and it’s super near our place!

Yi Xin Vegetarian
Location: Blk 308, Clementi Ave 4, #01-335
Contact: 94765385 or 96943056
Opening Hours: Daily 11am -3pm & 5pm – 9.15pm. Closed Wednesday.

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