Vegetarian Steamboat- JPOT Vivocity

Screen shot 2013-03-09 at PM 08.49.38
We were at Vivocity this afternoon and with our friends we decided to head to Jpot for a mini steamboat moment. We asked if they offer a vegetarian soup base and they did! Yeah:) But the only thing we could order from their extensive menu was from the vegetable,bean curd and mushroom page.

Screen shot 2013-03-09 at PM 08.53.40

IMG_8054 (2)

We created our own chilli garlic sauce and roasted sesame sauce dips at the sauce bar above. They have their own signature concoction mix.

We ordered enoki mushrooms, shiitake mushrooms, pearl corn, japanese bean curd, lettuce, kang kong, sweet potato, instant noodles and two portions of spinach bean curd. In total we spent about $20 per person which is really pricey for a no meat/seafood meal.

Our favourite part of the meal had to be Spinach Mushroom which is their chef speciality. It’s so tasty, crispy and soft when you bite into it. But we believe it was coated with egg wash so sadly we will not be returning as the menu selection was too limited for us and was too pricey for a simple soup stock we could easily whipped at home.

1 HarbourFront Walk #01-53
VivoCity (Lobby F)
Singapore 098585

10 Tampines Central 1
Tampines 1 #03-16
Singapore 529536

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