Cashew Tart & Black Sesame Cake- Yes Natural Bakery at Geylang Lorong 27

After our dinner yesterday, we hopped over to YES Natural Bakery next door and boy was the space big! It occupies two shops and it was really crowded. They offer breads, cakes, brownies, cookies to muffins and tarts. Best part they offer natural and healthy breads with eggless cakes that contains no preservatives and chemical additives.


We decided to get some to try after our dinner and narrowed it down to 4 items.

First I had the cashew tart $3, as seen in the picture above. It was choked with cashews and more cashews. Being a nut lover, this was completely up my alley but I found the honey that binds them together too sweet. Wished there was less of it and the tart was really crumbly and not as oily as I expected. Definitely a fun snack to munch on. We also ordered the walnut tart for my mum in law and she liked it too!

Hubby Ro had Chocolate banana cake $2.50 which had a layer of chocolate ganache over the banana cake. If you look closer, there were bits of banana all around the cake. It was a light, fluffy cake which was not as dense as other banana cake he has eaten before. But he wished the layer of chocolate could have been thicker as he could barely taste the chocolate.


We were so stuffed from the first two dessert after dinner so we saved this black sesame cake $2.50 for breakfast today. We re-toasted it again in our oven and it came out hot and just the way we like it. First bite, you could hardly taste anything but as you continue eating the roasted black and white sesame seeds starts unfolding and it was a really delightful mild cake that was not too hard or dense and definitely not as oily. One of my favourites actually and perfect to go with breakfast tea!

53 & 55 Lorong 27 Geylang Singapore 388183

Tel: 65478438

Mon to Sun: 8am to 9pm

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