Home Cooking- Instant Assam Fish & Mutton Satay Rendang

Was at Friendly Vegetarian Food Supplier again and this time under the recommendation of the shop owner, I bought two instant packs of Assam Fish and Mutton Rendang $3.50 each. On the cover the slogan says “be vegan, make peace” assures me that there are no eggs or dairy in them. Looking closer, here are the ingredients used for these 2 dishes.

Assam Fish-textured soy protein, modified starch, seaweed, lemongrass, tamarind, galangal, tumeric, chilli, candle nut, curry powder, curry leaves, vegetable oil and vegan seasoning.

Mutton Rendang– mushroom, modified starch, soya protein, ginger, galangal, curry powder, lemongrass, candle nut, tumeric, chilli, toasted grated coconut, vegetable oil and vegan seasoning.

There are four ways to serve this dish.

1. Pour right out of the pack.

2. Microwave it

3. Steam it

4. Fry it and add some water while doing so (The option we went for)

Within minutes, we got piping hot mutton rendang and assam fish on our dinner table and the aroma of the spices filled our home and we cannot wait to dig in.

There was a total of 14 pieces of mushroom mutton in the pack and out of the two dishes this was a clear winner. It tasted like bbq smoked satay and the mushroom had a meaty taste to it.

The Assam fish on the other hand tasted like sardines which I did not personally like. But my mum in law and Hubby Ro thought it was not too bad. Even after frying, the two fish slices was still very moist.

An easy breezy way to an alternative quick dinner! Will we buy them again? Yeah but not so soon as we prefer cooking food from scratch and using natural materials with less salt and any preservatives.

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