Kung Pao Chicken Economical Rice- Tian En Vegetarian Stall Clementi Central

Before heading to work via the MRT today, I’ll always pass by Clementi Central and today I found Tian En vegetarian stall near the end of the Bus interchange in a coffee shop beside Healthway Medical Clinic and the Post Office.


I joined the queue and the service of the staff was so quick, I ordered economical rice with 2 side vegetables and kung pao chicken $3. They have so many to choose from and they kept bringing out more dishes as I was eating! I requested for half a portion of rice and despite saying that I could barely finish 1/4 of this huge amount. The kung pao chicken was really yummy. It had a slightly spicy taste and an overall wok flavour. Wished they served it with some pineapple then it would have been perfect!


As I was queueing I saw their daily specials. Definitely want to be back to try their Prawn Noodles, Laksa and Nasi Briyani!


They also offer stir fry cooked dishes after 6.30pm and even a mini steamboat set for just $6.80 with Tom yam soup, normal soup and herbal soup served with rice, rice noodles or noodles.


The stall was pretty spacious and 5 people were working non stop to serve the customers. I noticed most customers were elderly folks. Great to know they offer brown rice, brown rice porridge as well with no extra charge.



They are open everyday from 6pm – 9pm. (Gosh, such long hours!)

Blk 443 Clementi Ave 3 #01-55 singapore 120443



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