Gulai Singkong & Jantung Pisang- Garuda Padang at Orchard Central


Was with a group of girlfriends as we met our super teacher Mdm Mas who taught us art 10 years back over some indonesian food at Orchard Central earlier this evening. A week before I made an online reservation and was impressed they called me back to ask what kind of vegetarian I was and suggested some food I could order before confirming my reservation. Soon after the call, they even dropped me a confirmed reservation email! Thumbs up for their service but at the restaurant, sadly the service was not up to par. The guy who served us spoke very softly and our food came really slow. Some items were lukewarm and cold too:(

The menu was shaped like a browsing pamphlet and was easy on the eyes and the pictures along the sides helped us in our decision making. Food prices ranged from $6-$9 and do note that they charge $0.30 for water and $2 per rice serving.

We ordered a total of 5 dishes, out of them all one was sambal prawn and the rest were vegetarian dishes.


How can we visit an indonesian restaurant and not order Tahu Goreng Istimewa $6. This dish was the biggest disappointment as we all thought it was going to come as a big fat block of tofu. Instead what we had was a lukewarm salad with dark soy sauce with small tiny bits of bean curd!! We had to literally dig for them:(

Next we had Tumis Tauge (stir fried bean sprouts with garlic)$6. This was the other dish that came cold but it was actually quite tasty and very crunchy.

We also ordered Telor Dadar omelette $2 which I didn’t taste so I don’t really know how it went. But it looked more like Tahu Goreng to us actually and it’s pretty cheap for this portion.

Lastly the best dish we have ever tasted and highly recommended by our teacher was Gulai Singkong & Jantung Pisang (Tapioca leaves and banana leaves) $7. I don’t even know how to describe it as it felt so right with the coconut curry and the vegetables were super moist, soft and the flavours blended together so well. Strangely we did not taste any banana flavour at all. We had more rice than usual because of the gravy and we learnt that you will need to soak the tapioca leaves with salt the night before and boil it the next day for the flavour to come through before cooking.

We finished our dinner and was itching for some indonesian desserts.

We ordered Tapioca in sweet syrup $5.50 and it was the best choice too as the tapioca was cooked really well and was slightly hard in the middle but soft all around and topped with that coconut syrup we all went YUMS! I’m definitely going to come back and buy this as a take away snack.

The last item we had was Es Teler $5. It came with avocado, coconut kernel, jackfruit, atap seeds, condensed milk and rose syrup. We enjoyed scooping the fruits bits out but wished the staffs were more attentive to offer us dessert spoons and bowls. Is this a vegan/vegetarian place to hang out? Yea why not especially if you have halal guests and the ambience was really good, just that ordering anything with sambal sauce might not be a good idea as they contained prawns.


Orchard Central #07-07/08
181 Orchard Road
Singapore 238896
(Opposite Centrepoint)

Tel : +65 6735 4111
Fax : +65 6735 4222

Daily Opening Hours
11:30AM – 10:00PM (Last order: 9:30PM)
(Including Chinese New Year & Public Holidays)

Far East Square #01-01
7-8 Amoy Street
Singapore 049949

Tel: +65 6536 4111
Fax: +65 6536 4222

Daily Opening Hours
11:30AM – 3:00PM (Last order: 2:30PM)
(Closed on Saturdays and Sundays)

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