Home Cooking- Thai Mango Tau Kwa Salad


Food wastage is bad especially when you over buy an item or require less of it sometimes. That’s why I love brainstorming or googling ideas if I have an odd fruit or any vegetables left in the kitchen. This time round, we bought some really sour mango that was too crazy to be eaten alone. I decided to transform them into thai mango salad using just 6 simple ingredients!


Ingredients needed: (This serving can be made for 2 but I had it all by myself)

1 sour unripe mango (Mine looked ripe but was SUPER sour!)

1 packet of firm tau kwa (2 pieces inside)

3 japanese cucumbers- peeled (I added an extra one at the end)

1 carrot- peeled

1 packet of ground peanuts (Pour as much as you like! I say more the merrier)

2 tablespoons of plum sauce


Pan fry the tofu first (just oil and no salt/pepper) and set aside to cool. Peel carrots and cucumbers and add into a big salad bowl. Add sliced mango and sliced cooled tofu into the bowl next.


If I was serving a party and everyone had their own salad plate, I would serve it like a flower!:)


Add grounded peanuts into the salad mix and 2 tablespoons of plum juice on the salad and mix it well. Don’t worry if it does not cover every part as the water in the fresh cucumbers, carrots and mango will soak up the plum juice at the very end.


A super easy and light lunch on the go! Next time round, I’ll add some cut sliced chilli and herbs for more flavour too.

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